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dean and cas are in love face it

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when someone asks about my love life


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I love how DC is all like, “Oh, we have to make our movies dark and gritty and realistic so we can keep our audience.” Meanwhile Marvel has the audacity to make a superhero sci-fi comedy about a little hick boy who gets abducted by aliens and then 25 years later teams up with a talking raccoon, a tree, a green girl, and a blue dude, and they literally save the universe with dance moves and the power of friendship.

I would have moved into journalism if I hadn’t made it as a footballer. - I really like National Geographic. I watch and read it every day. I like photography too. I want to go on safari to Tanzania and Kenya.”


Attractive People Meme - Brunettes (5/5)

Hayley Atwell

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melinda may + the well-being of her ducklings

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get to know:
Andrew Garfield

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"Can you promise me that I will come back?"

"No, and if you do, you will not be the same.”